About Taung Thaman Bridge, which is not U Pein Bridge

"We do not need the title of Taungthaman Bridge to be misplaced" At whatever point we conversation almost the antiquated cities of Myanmar history, Jayapura is the ancient capital. 

At whatever point we conversation approximately Jayapura, we continuously conversation almost the wooden bridge that's 3967 feet long and was completed in 1213 of Kola year and is still standing. 

The bridge was built over Tang Shaman Motel, which ensured Amara Purana, so it has been stamped as Tang Shaman Bridge for eras. In any case, since Mung Pan Bridge was named after the builder of the bridge, U Pan Bridge was utilized as a term for the put. 

It is sad that presently the first title of Tang Shaman Bridge is disappearing. "Agnostic Min and Jayapura" At the time of Pagan's progression, the British possessed the position of authority of Amateur as distant as the lower portion of Burma. 

It was a stressing circumstance for the security of the position of authority, but Agnostic Min was not inquisitive about the country's undertakings. Vital national issues to rulers and nobles, He is endowed with 'turning his confront away' and he himself is inebriated and getting a charge out of himself as it were in pleasure. 

Particularly Agnostic Min Shot Thu said animal battles and boxing battles. Playing cockfighting buffalo Goat It is additionally fun to create creatures such as sheep fight. 

The ruler, who is foolish and as it were appreciates betting, compliments his cheek, It is additionally the world's run the show that there are individuals who take advantage of the circumstance and take advantage of it. 

Among Began Min's trusted and trusted collaborators, Basalt, the senator, may be a figure. Mung Pan, the mayor's receptionist, who is additionally trusted by the senator Basalt, is additionally a handsome man. 

The senator Basalt and the clerk Mung Pan were the best among the king's wishes. Indeed, in Mung Pan's community, there's a cockfight for Pagan Min at any time. It is said that fowls are raised prepared to battle fowls. 

"Bridge Venture" Began Min Kai Wagered It is said that he is tender and delicate in his attitude towards delight, but he is moderate in doing good deeds. Hence, it appears that you simply the wishes of the steadfast who are near to you without wavering. 

Amid the blustery season, numerous individuals from the twelve Taungthaman towns had trouble traveling to and from the brilliant capital of Jayapura because the Taungthaman Motel was full of water. Hence, 

Mung Pan displayed an arrangement to Pagan Min to build a bridge over the Motel. At display, the destitute individuals of twelve regions of Tang Shaman are going, Pagan Min acknowledged Mung Pan's arrange to form it easier to come. It is more helpful to say that this bridge does not ought to take a toll the king's treasury a single penny. 

To get the fundamental wood for the "correct to procure, cancel and utilize" bridge extend, BAE Long To, The position of authority of Sagging, which was surrendered by the predecessors, The school of Ava positions of royalty the house The ancient royal residences are surrendered since they are falling separated among the bushes. 

Examine prepared for fire Debasement together, Applying for a 'license' to secure, cancel and use.  Ruler Agnostic too said that the meat from the royal residences and royal residences is rural. 

We can't utilize it, It isn't suitable for the development of a religious building because it was once utilized by nobles. With the squandered rot and pulverization, It was chosen that the development of the bridge with those ancient timbers was fitting, and the town receptionist Mung Pain Sagging, Ava Royal residence He gave authorization to disassemble the ancient royal residences, get the ancient meat, and construct a bridge. 

Subsequently, Mung Pan said Sagging, The full island that was gotten after the ancient royal residence houses of Ava were disassembled. Island Construct a bridge over Taungthaman Motel with the islanders. Hence, the wood utilized indeed in 1211, when the bridge was to begin with built, is as of now old. 

"I shouted, "Built" by city receptionist Mung Pan, the bridge that was built with ancient wood given by the king and the labor of the provincial community was completed two a long time afterward. In this manner, the year of the bridge's completion is known as 'Yay AAY, They famous the year 1213 (1851 Advertisement) as having been built. 

It is worth noticing that on the 6th day of the unused moon of the year 1213, after the development of the bridge, the senator and all the chief clerks begun an unlawful act interior the Brilliant Royal residence, tormenting the individuals and murdering them for money. 

"The Valuable Title of Tang Shaman Bridge" The bridge is 3,967 feet long, has 482 rooms, and 1,086 pillars, including water level pillars. Flood rafts; The large wooden bridge with rafts to allow boats to pass has been a world-famous ancient heritage because it has been convenient for travel since 168 years ago. However, it is sad that the precious name of Taungthaman Bridge is disappearing.