If you buy a car, you must check (8) things

1. Check whether the joint is nice or awful 

To check whether the joint is nice or awful, to begin with open the front cap (machine cover) and carefully see around the check line region around the shop bar slot. In a few cars, the check line is beneath to situate. Underneath is the picture. Is there anything off-base with those places? For illustration, the paint is unpleasant, the gauges are cracked, lean, turned, is it normal?  

Within the same way, check the other places within the same way. Interior the four entryways, interior the raise cover, we'll see at the top and foot of the radiator push. There should be small unique spots within the little areas. If the vehicle isn't checked at the office at night, you may get to evacuate the cover of the vehicle. On the off chance that it is beneath to situate, you may get to evacuate the situate and see at the floor for a while. 

2. I will see at a great or terrible body 

I do not know how to see at a great or terrible body, so to begin with I will appear you whether the body is typical or not from almost ten feet away. After that, attempt to thump it all over the body together with your or wrist, like a jello. The ordinary sound ought to be a difficult press sound. Not as it were that, but in case it's like thumping over a wooden box, in the event that it's broken, it's harmed, and it's been repaired. It's sufficient to check the body." 

3. Splits within the glass spot 

I will check in case there are any. It is easy to check. Everybody should see at it. You have got take care. On the off chance that it is the front windshield glass, there are little dark scratches on the edges. In the event that there are splits within the little zones, you cannot see it by accident. Check it carefully. "That's enough." 

4. It's simple to choose whether to purchase a body floor. 

Find a put, head in and flip the deck. In case it's an exceptionally compact car, try putting it on the rack on the off chance that it's a put where you'll be able to put it on the rack. For example, a put like a washstand, a put like a washing machine, at that point that's enough. 

5. I will check whether the motor is great or awful 

I think it'll be exceptionally troublesome as a companion. Of course, on the off chance that you do not know, it's troublesome. I found out after numerous botches and time. As a companion, you do not ought to say a parcel like me. I know when I compose a letter or two. Do not think that I am being cheated. Pull and open the gate stick that measures motor oil, and I will appear you the picture underneath. See on the off chance that it blows smoke or not. 

On the off chance that you do not think it's as well suspicious, see at the lever. I will need to open up and down. In the event that it isn't appropriate, the complete motor must be replaced. Other sounds are simple to tune in to. In the event that you don't listen to the sound of the compressor, the sound of the water pump, the sound of the valve, or any other sounds, it's fine. At that point it's enough to check whether the motor is sweet or not." 

6. The dashboard warns 

It's simple to check if the lights are typical. Within the driver's situate, there are three focuses within the situate lock. The moment time sends light to all the lights on the dashboard, the switch box, and other places that need to be lit. On the third time, everybody knows this. The moment time, on the moment point, all the lights on the dashboard ought to light up.  If any light is on, there's an error. 

Another thing is that you'll find it mostly in the Honda group. In cars that work together with the battery and the motor, you've got to check whether the battery is sweet or not. Those cars are named Hopis, but numerous of the cars in Myanmar have run out of batteries. If it's not Hopis, you do not ought to include them to your head, then checking the caution lights on the dashboard is enough." 

7. The lower portion is sweet -

awful, the equip shift is redress or not. 

I will check it by driving. Usually the portion that must be checked by driving. Take a see at the brakes, tune in to the sound, drive where there are bumps within the street, a few cars do not make any clamor at all on great streets. Within the gearbox part, if the car has an automatic transmission engine, drive it to about 80 kilos, if it has less power, try to drive it at about 50 or 60. So, all the gears have arrived. If it's a simple manual gearbox, try driving from first gear to 2345. Is the gear timing normal? Listen if the gear jerks, hesitates, or if you hear the gear whining. Then the lower end and gear check is enough."

8. I will check whether the vehicle is rectified or not - this portion is frequently checked at the office within the evening. 

Download the permit checking software. In case you need to be more beyond any doubt, sign a contract in a solid put. Take pictures of the contract installment shape at domestic or office. What you'll see from a mile before will presently be as clear as you'll be able from a foot." Keep in mind the 8 focuses said within the to begin with post. 

On the off chance that you're reaching to see at the car, check it each time. In case you do not check it each time, it'll be the same as me. The next part is for those who are not close to the car, there will be letters and numbers on the car numbers. After that, A BCD to R is presently out. Within the world of cars, the number 123456789 within the front isn't more often than not calculated. 

The number within the back is calculated the same way from Course A, Lesson B, Lesson C to Course R. Within the case of taxis, AA "BB to HH" is the most recent. I do not see at the numbers in front, but tally the tallness in arrange from A BCD to R within the back. Taxis too tally the stature in arrange from AA BB to HH. I think that's sufficient to create it clear. That's all I know. It's all almost the car broker and the car world. In the event that there are instructors who know more, they can share it with me.