What are the health benefits of crying?

(1) Relieves stress 

After crying about his sorrows, he felt less stressed. According to Burmese people, it is not good to tear easily, but if you are stressed, cry. It will be better. 

(2) Lowers blood pressure 

Stress makes the heart beat faster, At the same time, blood pressure increases, If you cry, as mentioned above, it reduces stress and improves blood pressure. 

(3) relieves hunger 

According to a study in September 2015, young people between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to cry when they are depressed. But after crying, they say that the anxiety is less relieved. 

(4) Relieves pain 

Do you have any injuries on your body? Don't feel stuck in your heart. Cry it out. It makes me feel that the pain is relieved. Oxytocin (oxytocin) and endogenous (endogenous) released when crying are said to relieve pain on the skin. 

(5) Makes the spirit active anger 

Cry over your failures. Then give birth. Researchers say it can lead to physical improvements. After crying, it means that you want to improve your life along with the pain, which means that there is physical improvement. 

(6) Get help 

No one hesitate to ask what we need and help a child crying on the side of the road. Crying like this, if you cry between two lovers, your lover will flatter you. This means that crying can get help without having to ask for help. 

(7) It is also the beginning of life 

This is what I want to say as knowledge. When we are born from our mother's womb, the first thing we do is to inhale air from our lungs and cry. The more he breathed deeply and cried loudly, the better this child's life began. It is clear that it is reliable. 

(8) Relief from grief someone 

Weep for the grief of losing something. It's comforting. Don't stop the bereaved family who are crying because of the loss of a family member. He comforts himself by crying. 

(9) Crying makes you human 

Tears fall from the eyes in animals, but only humans cry because of emotion. This is because people are intelligent and cry according to their feelings. I'm crying because I'm human Crying can label you as human.