When and how do they cut the bamboo?

Convenient cutting of bamboo is a vital issue. Among the strategies of bamboo preservation in ranges where bamboo assets are rare, when and where to cut bamboo is critical. It is exceptionally imperative to know how to cut. 

A few individuals think that there's no got to consider the season when cutting bamboo. However, thinking this way could be a thing. Bamboos are not cut within the right season. Agreeing to inquire about considers, the need of cautious upkeep makes the bamboo more effortlessly and rapidly harmed, as well as pulling in more damaging insects. 

Hence, as it were great bamboo cutting techniques can be utilized to develop solid bamboo plants and create great quality bamboo. To get it why bamboo ought to be cut at the proper time, it is fundamental to know the constituents of bamboo. 

Parasites in bamboo 

It contains a part of starch (sugar), which is the most nourishment for creepy crawlies. Bamboo plants are starch, They have the capacity to protect themselves normally from creepy crawlies that will crush and survive as it were when carbon dioxide, which is made up of sugars, is low. 

What is the leading season to cut bamboo? The properties of each bamboo tree alter concurring to the season. The drop of the canine may be an of rest and relaxation. Bamboo trees store the supplements and vitality required to develop unused shoots within the coming blustery season amid the summer. 

Hence, the conclusion of summer is when the level of starch substance within the bamboo trees is the highest. Amid the stormy season, the modern grows retain and devour all the starch of the bamboo plants, so the starch substance within the plant diminishes. 

Be that as it may, the dampness substance of the bamboo trunk is tall since it is the blustery season, and this tall dampness substance makes the bamboo trees more likely to split after cutting. In expansion, the rainy season is the season when bamboo trees sprout and develop. 

It can moreover harm the shoots, so in other words, the most excellent to cut bamboo trees are the conclusion of the blustery season and the starting of summer (from Chitin Shutting Sung Mon to the month of Ta POR). 

How to identify ancient bamboos The starch substance of bamboos changes depending on age. Starch substance is the least at 1 year of plant life and the most elevated between 1 and 3 a long time of plant life. 

Normally, bamboo cutters are not willing to cut youthful bamboo trees. Usually since the bamboos gotten from cutting youthful bamboo trees are powerless in quality and can effectively dry out and be damaged. Bamboo trees are developed from 4 to 7 a long time ancient. 

It can be considered as the valuable life of the chopper. After 7 a long time of age, bamboo trees continuously dry out and ended up weak in quality. Cutting as it were developed bamboo trees is a vital portion of economical bamboo farming management. 

There are 4 stages of development of bamboo plants that are not recognizable from the outside. They are 1) the arrangement of growing; 2) youthful plant arrange; 3) plant development arrange; 4) The ancient arrange of the plant (locally known as VA nu, then yin, VA in). 

These depicted stages can be known fair by looking at the outside shapes of the bamboo tree. Experienced bamboo cutters can basically thump the trunk of the bamboo with a stone, or Just by thumping it with an edge or fair hearing the sound that comes out, the plant isn't developed, They seem not know whether to cut. 

The life expectancy of a bamboo tree ought to be at slightest (4) to (7) a long time. In case a bamboo tree is more seasoned than (7) a long time, the plant will get to be dry, and its quality will steadily diminish. In this case, it implies that the bamboo cannot be utilized in other more advantageous ways but for utilizing it for kindling and charcoal. 

Youthful bamboo trees can be effectively distinguished by the color of the trunk and the trunk cover. Matured Older bamboos have more lichens on the trunk folds and are altogether diverse than when they are more youthful.

When the trunk of a bamboo tree changes from a shinning green to a grayish green, The white ring at each stem joint has nearly totally vanished since the plant was born When it is supplanted by a discernible gray ring, it is verification that the bamboo is completely developed. 

Such a bamboo tree can be chosen and cut down from the bamboo field. At the same time, the takes off of this bamboo tree have slowly ended up lighter green than the clears out of youthful bamboo trees. 

On the off chance that the body of the bamboo tree is totally white and has nearly no color, at that point the bamboo tree is ancient and as well ancient to be utilized. You'll be able gauge the age of the bamboo tree by looking at the circular white spots on the bamboo tree trunk. 

In case the sweep of the white spots covering the bamboo plant comes to 3 cm (more than one inch), it can be decided that the bamboo plant is mature. In warm and muggy climates, bamboo trees that flourish in warm and muggy climates can moreover be found with circular white spots and green growth developing on them. 

It can be found that it is at slightest (4) a long time ancient and can be cut down and used. In the event that the white spots are more self-evident and white, it can be seen that the bamboo tree is ancient and has come to the ancient stage.

Cutting bamboo according to the total moon There's still a debate among researchers around the thought acknowledged by country individuals that they can cut bamboo by looking at the changing appearance of the moon amid the complete moon. 

In any case, according to the perceptions made within the nation of Columbia, critical contrasts were found between the bamboo areas that were cut at the time of logical calculation and the bamboo areas that were cut by looking at the total moon. 

In these discoveries, the starch substance of the bamboo trees was the most reduced on the 6th and 8th days after the complete moon due to the tall gravity of the moon.Concurring to the stages of digestion of bamboo plants, the method of transporting starch from the roots to the leaves usually begins in the morning. 

As the temperature of the day increases, the method of transporting starch comes to its top, so it isn't reasonable to cut bamboo trees within the evening when there's a part of starch within the trunk and leaves. In this manner, the foremost appropriate time to cut down bamboo trees is some time recently dawn (12:00 pm to 6:00 am) when the starch is still within the plant's root. 

In case the bamboo trees are cut down early within the morning before the sun rises, they are less able to welcome insects/pests that can annihilate the bamboo tree (due to the need of starch); Cut bamboo trees are lighter, making them less demanding to transport and less demanding to dry. 

Cutting and Dealing with When cutting bamboo, begin cutting from the to begin with (or moment) joint absent from the ground with a cut or saw. This way, when its downpours, there will be no puddle cleared out on the cut bamboo joint. On the off chance that water sits on the bamboo joints, it can spoil and debilitate the plant system of the bamboo tree. 

Whereas cutting the bamboo, don't harm the shoots that are still on the plant. On the off chance that it is influenced, it may adversely influence the solid development of the next bamboo tree. Don't drag the bamboo that has been cut down on the ground. 

Dragging the bamboo on the ground can wear down the external layer of the bamboo stick. Also, don't toss the bamboo on the difficult ground. Wounds from being dropped on the hard ground will cause dreadful streaks and split the flesh of the bamboo. To make great bamboo items, only good quality bamboo ought to be used.

Crushed by pests In case you utilize harmed bamboo, you will not be able to create great quality products. Twisted up Swarmed bamboo ought to not be utilized for development materials. These sorts of bamboo ought to be cut and utilized only as fuel for factories. 

Vanishing after cutting bamboo does not transport the cut bamboo quickly, but hanging it on other plants from the bamboo field for almost 4 weeks diminishes the starch within the bamboo. Be that as it may, you must make beyond any doubt that the base of the cut bamboo is secured with stones or wood so that it does not touch the ground directly. The starch in bamboo can stay in the trunk for a long time indeed after the plant is cut down.